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Working for years, living trust New York has established a reputable name in the legal world. We have been recognized as the leading estate planning firm offering a wide range of legal services to our clients in New York. Our qualified and experienced attorneys are well versed in creating estate plans, drafting wills and trusts, asset protection, assisting in probate, guardianship, and many other legal services.
We believe in providing law-driven solutions to our clients that further help them resolve their legal matters. With years of experience, the dimension of knowledge of attorneys working at living trust New York has to broaden. Since we encounter different legal cases almost every day, our team has become an expert in handling various legal complexities.
We are highly devoted to providing our clients with the best possible legal assistance so they can be saved from possible litigation issues. With the guidance of living trust New York, hundreds of our clients can effectively carry out their last wishes.

Access the law-driven legal services from our expert estate planning attorneys in New York

You will need the best legal guidance when providing the best possible financial assistance to your family and loved ones after your death. In New York City, living trust New York is known for working with professional attorneys who are experts in handling estate planning, elder law, estate litigation, and other legal matters.
Our main vision and mission are to help our clients discover the best way to resolve their legal issues. Lawyers hired by living trust New York are well aware of existing laws related to interstate succession and estate taxes, as applicable in New York City. With the help of their deeper knowledge and modern practices, we have been able to gain the trust of our clients.

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Are you planning to create a will but are not aware of the legalities? Don’t worry; reach out to living trust New York. Our attorneys are well-versed with the legalities of drafting a will and prove to be a boon for you.

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We understand that going through the probate process can be exhausting after losing a loved one. However, our best litigation solutions can make it easy to deal with probate and provide ease of mind.

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Working for years, living trust New York is known for providing fast and law-driven legal consultation to our clients residing in New York City. So, if you are seeking the best legal advice for our legal issues, contact us, and we will be at your service.

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Why are we the promising estate planning firm in New York City?

We understand how difficult it can be for you to prepare estate plans or wills while thinking about your family’s future after your death. In New York, living trust New York is a promising estate planning firm that is proficient in helping clients determine their needs, drafting a high-quality will or trust, and providing facts and law-driven legal assistance. The services delivered by our reputable estate planning firm include the power of attorney, estate planning, wills, trusts, asset protection, probate, and guardianship.
Our compassionate and friendly lawyers first try to understand your case and its unique requirements. Then, after studying all legal complexities and figuring out laws applicable to your case, our lawyers devise a tailored solution for each case. Our team is highly focused on providing relevant legal advice within a specified timeline, and that too at a reduced cost. Let our qualified and skilled estate planning attorneys assist you in resolving your legal matters and protecting the financial rights of your close ones.

Why Opt for our Legal Services?

Skilled in relevant areas

We know how stressing and fussing it can be to handle legal complications like estate planning, asset protection, or creating a will and trust to provide a better future for your family. Our professional lawyers are skilled in these relevant areas, making it easier for living trust New York to provide necessary advice and guidance to our clients. Because our attorneys are trained and experts in all relevant topics, they can provide the most accurate and knowledgeable plan for solving different legal issues.

Utilizing modern technology

Living trust New York, an estate planning firm, is best known for utilizing modern practices and tools for providing necessary legal services to clients. We understand the significance of new technology in streamlining the estate planning or will and trust drafting process. Thus, we try to update our legal services with the latest technologies and methodologies.

Quick and efficient legal services

Since time is essential when it comes to planning an estate, drafting a will or creating a trust, and appointing guardianship, especially if you are nearing the end of your life, we make sure to provide clients with quick and efficient legal assistance. Attorneys at living trust New York are expert enough to prepare your first draft within a few weeks and finalize the plan in a month or so. Then, we prioritize your case, provide the clients with a reasonable estimate, and deliver results in that pre-specified timeline.

How we work:

Quick and efficient legal services

Living trust New York is fair and honest about every cost involved in delivering the required legal services. We believe in charging a one-time, fixed price for all our legal services like estate planning, wills and trusts, guardianship, probate, power of attorney, and more. It further gives our clients peace of mind knowing they can accomplish all their objectives for an all-inclusive investment. We are transparent about our charges and offer our clients free price estimates.

Personalized legal services

We very well know that a one-size-fits-all proposition doesn’t work when it comes to legal complexities. Over the years, we have understood that the legal requirements of each client are different, and thus, our team of attorneys works on providing personalized solutions for the legal problems of our clients. We, at living trust New York, first try to understand your case and then only provide solutions tailored to your needs, rather than just imposing cookie-cutter options on you.

Keeps in touch regularly

Our experienced attorneys will update you about the progress of your case but also will reach out to you through the years to reassess your goals and make relevant changes in the estate planning or wills. We, at living trust New York, are highly devoted to solving all legal problems of our clients and thus, always try to provide ongoing legal services to them. This helps us build a strong relationship of trust with our clients, which deepens more with time.

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When dealing with the power of attorney issues, elder law issues, guardianship problems, capacity matters, and trust challenges, asset protection complexities, it can be stressing and mind-blogging. We understand that you are going through a difficult period. All you want is to protect the future of your family and loved ones. At living to trust New York, we offer the high-quality and necessary legal consultation on laws related to estate planning, wills, trusts, asset protection, estate litigation, guardianship, and other legal matters applicable in New York. Consider contacting our qualified and professional attorneys to get your legal matters solved at the earliest.

Our Approach- Our Process

We, at living trust New York, focus our efforts on following the most relevant approach for providing the best legal advice for resolving our client’s legal matters.

Attend your queries

When clients contact us with their legal issues, our first step is to listen to the queries for our services. Then we discuss their legal issue and try to understand their needs. Finally, it enables us to determine the area of expertise best suited for your case.

Analyze your case

Our professional attorney’s asses client’s situations from their legal perspectives. Then the team works together and shares their ideologies that can work to resolve your legal issue. Finally, lawyers at living trust New York assess the case in the light of applicable laws and facts to provide you with the best possible solution.

Additional screening:

Since we are devoted to solving our client’s legal issues, our attorneys screen every case additionally so that no page is left unturned. It is only after our final screening that we contact our clients with our proposal.

Open and transparent communication

The best characteristic of living trust New York firm is that our relationship with our clients is based on open and transparent communication. In addition, we regularly update the clients with the progress of their case and thus, leave no room for misunderstanding, which further help in achieving the best outcomes.

Achieve the effective results

We are known for providing effective results to our clients because our legal attorneys believe in working collectively. They give everything to solve your case and provide appropriate legal assistance to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When most individuals create a will or estate plan, a representative is named by them. This individual has the right to initiate probate proceedings on behalf of the deceased. In addition, they have a legal duty to execute the instructions of the deceased’s will faithfully. However, if no will is prepared by the deceased or no personal representative has been named, then the responsibilities of the representative fall to the spouse or close relative in case the deceased is unmarried.

If you already have an estate plan, it is unnecessary to consider it the permanent one. Your conditions and desires may change, and so can the estate plan. Therefore, reviewing the estate plan at least every two or three years is advisable. But you can immediately review the estate plan if there is any sudden change in your life.

Some changes might include:

  • Birth, death, marriage, or divorce of a beneficiary or you itself
  • Increase or decrease in your or the beneficiary’s net worth
  • Purchase or sale of your or beneficiary’s business
  • A substantial change in your or the beneficiary’s assets
A person acting as the personal representative of a deceased’s will or estate is legally bounded by a fiduciary duty. Suppose the personal representative fails to perform the duties stated in the will, such as filing a tax return or distributing estate assets to the beneficiaries. In that case, they will be personally liable for any damages to the estate.

Here mentioned are some characteristics of a well-drafted will:

  • Legal declaration: The documents purporting to be a will of an individual must be legal. It means that Will should conform to the respective law.
  • Disposition of property: The declaration should specify the disposition of the property of an individual creating a will.
  • Death of the testator: the declaration related to the disposition of the property must be intended to take effect after the death of a person who created the will.
  • Revocability: The main feature of a will is that it is revocable only during the lifetime of the person by whom the will was created.